Occupational Health is taught every fall.  This course is an introduction to occupational safety and health for graduate students in a wide array of disciplines.  It meets twice per week and typically has three exams (in class) and a multi-disciplinary project requiring interaction between students in degree programs different from one another.  This project has included a field visit with completion of Preliminary Hazard Assessment and, more recently, a literature search project investigating historical occupational health case studies with a comparison to current occupational health practices and risks. 

The goals of the literature search project are to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding the history of a classic case study in occupational health,
  • To demonstrate an ability to identify resources to synthesize exposure-risk outcome,
  • To demonstrate knowledge of clinical assessments of a particular occupational health disease, and
  • To demonstrate working knowledge of reliable literature and databases to identify modern-day risks of current exposures.

Students, in teams, are expected to apply information learned in the class to assessing health risks in a modern occupational setting.  Team members are expected to contribute their program-area focus expertise on addressing the components of their paper.

An example syllabus is provided:  File OEH 5620-OccHealth_syllabus_generic.docx